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Welcome Friends.  Thank you for dropping by our web-site.  We just want to introduce ourselves and Shari.  We are Bob and Carol Webb, retired from the Dept. Of State and 10 years operating a Quilting Retreat, called Bear Cabin Inn.

Shari and I became friends about 10 years ago.  I am a quilter and she is a digitizer/embroidery person making up the cute, detailed designs that we now sell.  Shari is self taught and has learned to digitize in such a way that it is NOT “bullet-proof”.  That is what makes her designs unique and so easy to work with.

About 5 years ago we bought her business and she gave us permission to use her designs.  Along with the designs, came a 15 needle Tajima embroidery machine, a super laser machine and tons of bolts of fabric, plus anything and everything to operate!

This is the first time for us to go “online” to share her products.  We hope you will stop by often, take a look and enjoy the designs.

Bob and I are available anytime.  You may contact us either by telephone or e-mail and on Facebook.

The telephone number:  928-386-9088

Email: appliquebyshari@gmail.com

Facebook:   Appliquébyshari.com

A bit more about our embroidery designs.  All are stitched on a 18 X 22 inch fabric.  That allow you the freedom to cut them down to the size you need.

In the future, you may look forward to laser cut kits.  These kits are like a dream come true….open the box and begin sewing on your project right away.

Thanks again for dropping in.  We appreciate you time and business.  We welcome any ideas that will help us serve better,

Cheers, Carol